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Scheduling an evaluation is the first step to providing care for your child. The evaluation process allows us to develop an understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges to guide individualized recommendations.

Evaluations may include

  • Parent/Child Information forms
  • Parent Interview
  • Observation
  • Play-based interactions
  • Standardized assessments

Following the evaluation, we will review the results and recommendations with you. If therapy is recommended, collaboratively we will develop a treatment plan specific to your child and family’s needs.


SongBird Pediatric Therapy takes a family-involved, child-centered approach so every session is individualized to your child’s goals, abilities, and preferences. We deliver one on one therapy from a licensed speech-language pathologist who provides engaging and fun therapy founded in evidence-based therapy approaches. Families are always welcome to be a part of every therapy session in a variety of ways. Education and training for parents are an essential part of our therapy process to support the ongoing development of skills learned in therapy sessions.

Young girl holding up comment bubbles

Helping your child’s words to be understood

Young girl whispering in a surprised girl's ear

Building words to help your child communicate

Young boy eating with a spoon

Supporting positive interactions with food and mealtimes

Ready to Schedule an Evaluation?

Contact us to start with a free consultation to discuss your child’s needs and schedule an evaluation.