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Mother of 8-year-old

My 8-year-old daughter has been seeing Mrs. Snook at Songbird Pediatric Therapy for several months. We have noticed a dramatic improvement in her speech disfluencies. She is more confident and articulate as a result. She is just blooming and this is all thanks to the dedication, knowledge, education and environment Mrs. Snook has provided. My daughter feels comfortable and at ease with Mrs. Snook.

As a family, we adore Mrs. Snook and her unique approach to speech therapy. She is patient, kind, caring and invested in the success of her clients just as much as her patients and their parents. We are always so excited for speech therapy day! She keeps learning fun which helps activate intrinsic motivation for continuing to learn strategies and concepts at the most successful levels for her clients. We are so glad we found SongBird Pediatric Therapy and wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.


Mother of 3-year-old

I cannot say enough good things about SongBird. Heather is absolutely FANTASTIC. My son had just turned three, and was still not saying anything but ‘momma’. Within two weeks of seeing her, he was verbally communicating! Now, 5 months later, he is speaking in sentences! He absolutely adores her. She is patient, kind, and incredibly knowledgeable.

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